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Mr. Moose
New and old traditions, Gambell scene.
Nome Airport Terminal
Nome Liquor Store and Grocery
Nome Midsummer Celebration Parade
Not quite sure about the fire truck....
Oldest building still standing in Anchorage (built in 1915)
On the edge of Anchorage
Outside the Pioneer Bar, with its "Perfect Bartenders" (Anchorage, Alaska)
Pioneer Bar, Anchorage
Plover Bay, near Provideniya, Russian Far East.
Polar Bear Shop, Anchorage
Port of Provideniya advertisement
Post Office, Anchorage
Prickly rose (Rosa acicularis), Anchorage Botanical Garden
Protect our children -- be a foster parent
Provideniya and Komsomolskaya Bay with military base on other side.
Provideniya cemetery
Provideniya dock area and buildings
Provideniya dock equipment

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