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Drummer, cultural performance, Provideniya, Russia
Drying meat.
Educational float:  wear a life vest!
Electrical closet
Fancy paint on sturdy truck, Nome.
Flowers in Provideniya cemetery
Folk group. Having fun yet?
Former Bering Sea Saloon, Front Street, Nome
Fourth Avenue is a main tourist street.
Gambell "street scene." Note gravel everywhere making it hard to walk. Allegedly it was all earth until the ubiquitous All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) caused all the dirt to fly away, leaving only the stones.
Gravesite and view, Provideniya cemetery
Housing in Provideniya, relatively recently painted
Ice in Provideniya Harbor.
Iditarod Mural, Anchorage
John Yersin, Expedition Leader, making announcement.
Kevin Clement, Zegrahm Director and man of many talents
King Island, Alaska. White specks are birds; note birds flying against the sky.

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