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Bored schoolgirl. President's palace, Quito.
Charitas Dei. In the San Francisco Church, dating from the late 16th century. Quito.
Chechon -- for more....!
Christ statue in bell tower, Callao Harbor, near Lima (from Sea Adventurer).
Church and square, near Paracas, Peru
Conferring on the street. Guayaquil.
Contemporary Guayaquilena. Guayaquil.
Conversation. Quito.
Corea Chiken's -- The pleasure of eating! Guayaquil. (Says nothing about jazz...)
Cotton candy. Guayaquil.
Delicious pork and turkey sandwiches are specialties! Guayaquil.
Delicious sandwiches with pork or turkey. Guayaquil.
Dinosaur in park. Guayaquil.
Domos. Quito.
Election graffiti, fancy script. Quito.
Electronics shop, near Salinas, Ecuador.
Empanadas for lunch? Guayaquil.
Exposed wiring. Typical. Quito.
Family-friendly food plus video games, internet, and telephone! Guayaquil.
Fat man (Gordo) potatoes. Quito.

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